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Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Might Be The Longest Week EVER!!!

This might be the loooooooongest week ever. Marsha (My saint of a mother-in-law) has been out of town and I don't think I even realize how much she helps me! Paisley is so sweet, she is just 3. And a handful. But we are hanging in there!

I spent most of the day cleaning out the cabinets and drawers in my master bedroom and bringing down on all my summer clothes. I am a good 10 pounds away from fitting in most of them, but I am trying to get rid of my maternity clothes already. That lap band on those pregnancy pants is just too convenient! HA! I might eat cheesecake everyday if I keep wearing them.

I also ordered this cute stationery today. I bought 20 cards for $19.99 and I had a 30% coupon. Don't you all love a coupon? I know I do!!
Also, I am in LOVE with the Liberty of London line for Target. I am such a sucker for a floral.

Tomorrow is going to consist of packing us for Mississippi! I am so excited to go home for a week. Paisley's birthday is Thursday! I LOVE birthday weeks! I have her a present for everyday!! We will have a family party in Mississippi and then the big mermaid pool party in May. That reminds me that I must start planning. I promised my husband we are toning it down this year and not going too over-the-top...NOT!!

Hope you all had a great day! Mama is heading off to sleep!!
Love and hugs!


Kim said...

Love the alligator cards!! Have fun in Mississippi!

Anna said...

I love the Liberty line too! I swear I think I bought one of everything for each of the girls. And actually, Audrey is wearing something from the line today. :)

I can't wait to see your pictures from the mermaid party! I remember your blog full of ideas for it. I know it will be SO adorable!