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Thursday, April 15, 2010


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This week has been great. Maybe one of my favorites in a long time. Stephen has been interviewing for Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cincinatti. So Monday and Tuesday, he was home conducting phone interviews. It was awesome!! I wished he worked from home more. He had to leave Tuesday night to start going to these cities all week to finish face-to-face interviews. Crazy! Thank goodness Grammy to the rescue!! Paisley is still there, and I am going to pick her up today! My house is clean, but I sure do miss her.
I have finished LOTS of things on my to-do list, though. I even hosted girls night last night for my best friends. I will post pictures later.
Hope you are all having a fabulous week!! Here are some things on my
1. Frozen chocolate bananas. These things are ridiculous!!!Maybe my new favorite dessert. I bought these at Publix Grocery.

2. I LOVE little boys clothes, especially with cute dinosaurs on them. I cannot WAIT for a dinosaur birthday party!!

3. LOVE this, too, He is gonna look so cute in these with his spikey hair!

4. I love Babylegs. These are so cute and you can put them on with a onesie and not have to change their pants. These argyle are just too cute!!!

5. This little device is called the Itzbeen. I ordered this yesterday. I am such a sucker for gadgets. For $24.99, it keeps up with your last feeding, what side, sleep, etc. It's so cool!!

6. I am so pleased with the new Hooray! line by Cynthia Rowley at Babies R Us. . Look at this cute elephant blankey!

7. And what about this cute seersucker suit and shorts. Also from Cynthia.

7. And this might be the cutest thing ever.

8. And I don't know who drools more when the commercial comes on. Me or Stephen.
I am turning into an electronic geek. Do any of you have this fun Ipad thingy?!!

Happy Thursday!!
One more day until FRIDAY!!


Lauren Tomlinson said...

I love baby legs. Mary Grace has like 8 pair

tammie said...

So when you mentioned a while back that you had eaten a chocolate covered banana I was thinking..."surely she doesn't have time to make those" and then I saw them in K-rogers!! I knew that had to be them and then..shazam! You posted the box. Now I have to buy them and try them.