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Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is nearly unfair that this weather is soooo gorgeous and I am inside 99% of the day (which is making me CRA-ZEE) but at least I get to look at this little sweet thing laying next to me. I do aLOT of nursing and feeding while on my laptop. Multitasking at its finest!! I am so envious of all my Facebook friends that I read about yesterday. So many folks were planting flowers, pulling weeds (okay, that part I will skip), and laying mulch. Laying mulch might be my favorite part of yardwork. Since I had major surgery 10 days ago, I don't think that would be smart. LOL. I am also ready for the pool to open and to play tennis. Don't you just love SPRING?!!

Other than being inside and watching more Real Housewives than I can stand, I haven't done much except for clean up after a messy 2 year old and try to keep her entertained, all while juggling Mr. Griff. We have spent ALOT of time on the deck blowing bubbles. sliding, painting, and creating things out of play-doh. We also have spent LOTS of time playing Barbies, which I LOVE!!

My sweet friends Heather and Brooke came by yesterday for a visit. It was so great to see them and they always make me laugh. We also made it to a birthday party yesterday. Paisley's good friend Gracyn turned 2 and Marsha came over and watched Griffin while the three of us went and celebrated. It was at the park and it felt so good to get out for a few hours.


1. PAISLEY goes back to playschool. Hip Hip Hooray!!

2. I go to the doctor for my 2 week visit.

3. Griffin goes to the pediatrician for his first check-up.

3. I get my hair colored on Wednesday! Yeah for Jonas!

4. I am cleaning out drawers and cabinets.

5. And the biggest one of husband is home for three nights. I don't know what I will do with myself.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!! I am enjoying having my family of four!!

Love to you all.



1 comment:

Kim said...

Love these pics. Paisley looks like you sitting there playing Barbies. And I love Griff's little frog gown. I hope you're adjusting as easily as possible. XOXO