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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Stephen is in Boca Raton, Louisville, and Dallas for the week, so we decided to pack up and come home for a visit!!
I love Mississippi. It is definitely my home sweet home. I love the people, the hospitality, the food, the unique shopping, the inexpensive prices (HA!) and most importantly, my friends and family!

Above is a picture of my parents new house that they are building in Madison, a community about 15 minutes outside of Jackson. I am so thrilled that they are finally building their dream house! It sits on a beautiful lake and has a gorgeous outside deck and patio. Also, the kitchen is unreal. Not much going on inside yet or I would have taken pictures. I promise I will update soon.

Here is Paisley with her favorite person in the whole world, Joe! Joe is my 8 year old nephew who is the sweetest thing ever. Poor Joe, Paisley never gets out of his face the whole time we are home!!

My daddy and Griff.

My niece Anna Blaire and Griffin!

My daddy with Izzie and Paisley

Eating powdered donuts. Lovely!

I love AB in her little uniform! SO precious!!

My sweet boy! Isn't he growing?!!

My mama and her Griff man!!

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