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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Some Random Thoughts For Humpday...

-I sold a pair of Paisley's year old Nike's (that were in good shape and that I bought from Academy for $24.99) for $64.00! Holy smokes! I only wanted $10.00. Gotta love that. If you don't E-bay, you should!!

-I am completely sleep deprived. It is insane. Stephen is out of town, and my in-laws are trying to wrap up the selling of their home in Cincinnati. And Griffin ain't sleepin. He is up usually at 10, 2, 4, and it just goes down hill from there. Please feel sorry for me. I am a total witch with no sleep.

-The good news is Griffin's weight is up, the thrush is gone, and he is eating really well.

-The other good news is I am down 34 pounds since April 01. I feel so much better, and my husband is so complimentary. I don't care if you have been married 1 month or 30 years, it is always nice when your husband tells you how good you look. Sweet Stephen. He has his bad days, but most of the time I like him. LOL.

-Total subject change, how glad are we that Lee and Crystal are on American Idol? They are the ONLY good ones on that show. The rest are average at best. What happened to American Idol? SNOOZEVILLE this season.

-On a brighter note, I hope you all watch Glee. This is the most brilliant writing since Will and Grace. I find myself downloading the music everytime I log onto Itunes. Don't you just love the arrangements of songs?!! And what about Sue Sylvester? She is hysterical and the greatest TV Villian of our time.

-And what about this new kid Jessie St. James??I loved it last night when he used the line "epic romance." Love it. I am not sure if he is really a bad guy falling in love, or if he is true blue. I guess we shall see. Mmm...

-I have also been watching Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. This is definitely a DVR worthy show. It is hilarious how arrogant the people trying to find love are. It's like, "I want a Victoria's Secret model, with Reese Witherspoon's personality, and she needs to be single, ready to have kids, no previous kids, a size 0, etc." And they weigh 300 pounds and are gross. Cracks me up!The dating pool is also pretty rough. Half the girls look like hookers.
These people should try E-Harmony. Just sayin'.

-My favorite line from Millionaire Matchmaker might be "Looks fade, but dumb is forever."
Hysterical. Especially for all these 50 year old guys wanting 20 year old girls. Who they have NOTHING in common with.

-So, what are you up to? What's the 411?
Lemme know!


Ford Family said...

Several notes:
1. I am going to put Ginger's shoes on E-bay now!
2. I do feel sorry for you! :)
3. Thrush stinks and it sucks boiling everything when they have it!!
4. Congrats on the weight loss...where's my motivation??? :)
5. Lee and Crystal are totally my favorites! I have to admit that I judged her based on her looks in the beginning and am really ashamed of myself now.
6. The Millionaire Matchmaker is DVRed every week at the Ford house. Love it!!! However, I would NEVER let Patti do an assessment on me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie Jane,

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and I have to say... I just LOVE you! You make me laugh and I think we would probably be friends IRL if I wasn't in California! Your babies are adorable... I feel for you on the no sleep thing... I'm expecting my third little bundle in a couple months and NOT looking forward to the lack of sleep again. Hang in there...

Kim said...

Millionaire matchmaker makes me glad I'm married! I miss you - let's do lunch soon so I can see you. And get my hands on G-man. Congratulations on your weight loss. You're doing so great!

levers74 said...

I just love you KJ...why haven't I been following you all this time?? Hope you have a fabulous week here in Mississippi! Please give your mamma my love!