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Monday, May 17, 2010


This last week I have been scattered all over the place! I feel like I am on a race against time to get all these projects completed before I start back to work. Yes, I am going back. I am still very torn about this, so please pray for me. I am so worried that I am going to have a nervous breakdown trying to handle it all. I love my job and really don't want to quit, but I have to travel a good bit, which is not so easy. My plans are to go back and see how it goes! It is nice to know I can come home if it doesn't work out.

We have such a great church family and they have been SO super generous in bringing dinner, dessert, baby gifts for Griff, big sister toys for Paisley, and on and on and on!!

This is a picture of my good friend Denise and her little girl, Julianne. She and Rob are in our SS class at church. She is a CCU nurse and her husband is a cardiologist! Isn't that sweet?! I call them the Chinese Barbie and Ken. They are both gorgeous!! She brought over a yummy dinner and the most delicious chocolate and caramel cake that I had to take to the neighbors!!! I am trying so hard to be good!! We have also had sooo many others bring dinner and I often forget to take pictures. So thank you for all the delicious meals!!

Paisley spent the night with Grammy Friday night, so Stephen and I decided to go on a dinner date. Griffin is still at the age where he sleeps all the way thru dinner in his carrier, which is awesome!! Our dinner was SO yummy and fun (I had the tilapia and grilled shrimp; Stephen had Crab) until this couple sits down behind Stephen and I thought they were about to have sex at the restaurant. GROSS! It was a little wierd to sit there and watch them make out and feed one another!! Just thought I would share

Saturday morning, our ice maker underneath our cabinet went out and water was alllll over our hardwood floors. It was soooo fun (NOT) to get to spend our Saturday cleaning up water. Stephen also had to turn the water off at the street to find the leak. So needles to say, I was WAY behind on laundry this weekend. He was able to fix it and we are waiting on the part. Cross your fingers this will be inexpensive. With appliances, you just never know!!

Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for one of Paisley's BFFs Georgie. She turned 3 and had a party at My Gym, and it was SO CUTE!! We had a great time playing!
This is a picture of Paisley with Uncle Fro (my BFF Amy's husband, who Paisley LOVES.)
Paisley and Grace jumping on the trampoline!
Georgie, the birthday girl! How cute is this?!
Trying to get 30 kids to smile!!
Grace LOVES Griffin!!
My BFF Alexis' sweet baby boy!! He is so cute! His name is Hudson!
The grown ups acting silly!!!
Bryce and John!
Paisley and Bryce jumping!!
Sweet Grace!!

Griffin also made his SS debut this week and I have no pictures to show of it. We planned on taking pics after church, and of course, he had a blow out during church. I promise I will take pictures next week!
Love you all and hope you had a great weekend.


Kim said...

Such a cute photo of Paisley with Forrest!

The Mrs. said...

Cutest ever! And I must say a switch from LA kids, in black and kiss t shirts. AWFUL. I'm the only prep around!