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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Every single week seems crazier than the one before! Maybe eventually I will catch up on sleep, laundry, paperwork, organizing! HA! I keep telling myself that, and it is still nuts. I know one day I will look back and miss this time. But right now, the only thing I miss is SLEEP!

Daycare is making me postal right now because I still can't grasp what I am paying. Like $1808.00 a month. Yes, that is in American dollars. I am still just amazed. And they are at our church. I am seriously contemplating a nanny and I have spent alot of time this week trying to research. Also, we are in the market for a 3rd car. Trying to decide between a Sienna, Honda Pilot, Highlander, Armada, or Pathfinder. I want NOTHING to do with a luxury car. Stephen's BMW has done me (we got a lemon.)

So that is what is happening at the Goody household! Hope you are all well!

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Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I guess that price on daycare squashes my dreams of ever moving to Nashville. That is outrageous. The nanny is the way to go it has to be same price. And I feel for you on the car shopping. I hate car shopping!!!

The Miller's Blog said...

Wow, wow, and WOW. I CANNOT believe you pay that much a month for daycare. That is almost incomprehensible to me. But.... I guess you do what ya gotta do.....

tammie said...

that is crazy daycare! I think you could get a good nannny for that cost and not have the kids exposed to the bacteria barn called daycare AND the get more one on one attention.

Melanie said...

KJ...we have a Sienna and L.O.V.E it! I never thought I would have a mini van but it's the best, really. And this is our second Toyota...would buy another one in a heartbeat. Good luck!

Katie said...

Daycare is another mortgage payment, ridic! I'm amazed that you still pay that much and they're at your CHURCH! Wowza!

My best friend has an Armada and it's wonderful! So much room with the third row!