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Thursday, August 05, 2010

I won't be tax-free shopping this weekend, but I will BE...

At the Williamson County Fair!! YEE HAW!

What's not to love about a old timey car show, circus acrobats, balloon animals, cotton candy. a Purity Ice Cream eating contest, a petting zoo, livestock, ferris wheels, and political rallys?!

I LOVE the fair!!!
Besides, I am NOT standing in line to save $7.50 on 80 bucks behind 700 people and their screaming kids! You give me a half off sale, and then we are talking!!

Happy Thursday!!!



Misty said...

Agreed! Tax free weekend is ridic! And the stores never have good sales during that time. Which reminds me, the other day I got a coupon from Haverties for 5% off. FIVE PERCENT?!

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

How fun! Tax free weekend was crazy. I had to go to Walmart for 3things and by the time I left I wanted to hurt someone!! Have a stress free, illness free weekend:)

Christie said...

You know ---- I NEVER rush out for a 10% off sale!!!! So I will not be rushing out for a 7% savings -- EVER~!~

Stephanie said...

Come to NH we are tax free all the time! No Sales or Income tax here!

Kim said...

Ah but Stephanie leaves out the outrageous property taxes in her lure to NH! We're not going to the Williamson Co. fair - we'll do Wilson County. I did go do a little shopping today, but only at places I already had a better coupon/deal/shopping pass for. And still wanted to hurt myself. . . not because of other shoppers though. Because Jack spilled his craisins, peed in his pants, then dropped his icee. I was ready to go.