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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lavelle Hawkins Makes A CRAZY Jump

I know all of you are Titans fans (I kid. I kid) BUT just in case you didn't see the INSANE play Lavelle Hawkins made last night against the Cardinals in our first pre-season game, I YouTubed it for your viewing pleasure! HA!


Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I have been a titans fan since college for some reason:) Love it!!

tammie said...

It must be exciting to have such an awesome team from your State.

Nana said...

I totally saw that last night. Alex was flipping from the game to something else and I looked up just in time to see it! He probably did great in track!

Lauren Tomlinson said...

Somebody get that boy on the cheerleading squad, or maybe the track team. Just kidding, awesome jump