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Monday, August 30, 2010

Things I am LOVING.....

This is the best low fat ice cream I have had in a long time! I absolutely love caramel. And chocolate.

I am also LOVING this At-home-Brazilian-blowout kit! It makes your hair super smooth and shiny.

And I LOVE this Juicy Couture dollface bag. How cute is her face and hair?

AND this dress from Limited. Isn't it cute? You could pair this with a pair of jeweled tone pumps and a great metallic bag.

By far, this is one of my favorite things for fall. I am not a huge fan of Express usually, but this season is awesome. Lots of sequins, glitter, and sparkles. I absolutely love this statement necklace. It is a little pricey at $148.00, but it truly makes an outfit.

And I can't forget my sweet Paisley! How cute are these ballet flats from Baby Gap?!
Love them!

What are you loving?


Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I love that skinny cow ice cream!! Such a great treat and makes me happy because it is low fat!! I am thinking about trying the blow out stuff. My hair was so healthy and shiny when I was pregnant and now it is just falling out and frizzing:( The dress from limited is super cute! Where do you find the time to discover these wonderful things?

Katie said...

Mmmmm, Skinny Cow! I love it! I've never tried the actual ice cream in the tub, but I love the novelty treats, especially the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches! Delish!

Amy said...

I didn't even know Garnier made that Brazilian blow out stuff. Good to know!

tammie said...

yeah but then I eat the WHOLE box of ice cream. defeats the low cal part of it. I am dying to try that blow out product!