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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I totally stole this ENTIRE idea from my sister! How often do you need a gift and are in a pinch? My sister has a closet in her laundry room that is devoted entirely to gifts.
Here some ideas:

1. If you have ever bought a gift bag at Target or Walgreens, you are going to pay around $5 each. And you will also pay that for greeting cards. INSANE! The Dollar Tree is a great place to stock up on boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, and cards. I try to buy lots of this stuff when I go and stock up. That way, I don't have to panic on the day of a birthday party. I am sure none of you ever do that. 30 minutes before a birthday and we have no gift. And I am stressing. And we are late. You know, the story of my life...

2. I also try to stock up on little "happies." Especially when I find a GREAT DEAL!
I love to buy Bath and Body works products (we have an outlet) and I always find great make-up bags, candles, etc.
The Dollar Store has great buys, also. Some things I will buy are frames, candles, etc.
Michaels has great dollar bins as well. Great journals, photo albums, etc.
I also LOVE to look on the food aisle at TJ MAxx. Lots of times, they have great cupcake mixes, preserves, etc. These are great to stock up on.
I LOVE Mississippi Cheese Straws. I love to give these as gifts, especially since they remind me of home.

3. The other idea I LOVE is when you find a really good, inexpensive birthday gift, to buy 5 or 6, and put them up for future parties. A few weeks ago, Target had Barbies on special for $4.00. What a great birthday present! We have a minimum of 1 birthday party per weekend, so I have to put a $10 limit on birthday presents. If not, birthdays start to be expensive!

What are your gift ideas? I would LOVE to hear!



Jason and Lisa Clark said...

Is that your gift wrapping room at your house. If so, I am so jealous. I am always picking up things here or there and saving them for a rainy day. I like to buy the boxes of gift cards so I have a variety saved and get one no matter what the occasion. I also love to buy items such a food choppers or great gadgets from walmart when they go on sale for 4 or 5 dollars. They make great wedding gifts ESP when u make a cute gift basket. Which micheals will run some great deals on baskets and then I use the 40% off coupon and then it is so cheap. I am in love with tj maxx and they have some cute baby stuff. I buy stuff on clearance and save it for a baby shower. Or I will buy cloth diapers from walmart and sew fabric and monogram. Another great place is target. The dollar bins and getting hand towels, bags or lunch boxes and monogramming on them. It is so cheap since I have the machine. I just a room to dedicate to this great idea now. :)

Audrey said...

I like to order extras of books when my son brings home the Scholastic Book order forms from school. Also, when I get a unique gift that I love r the kids love, I ask my friends where it came from, then I go buy some to give out when I need a quick gift. I guess that's kind-of idea stealing, but I tend to panic at the last moment and can't think of what to buy.

tammie said...

1. that room is awesome! 2. you and Rana are so creative and def think ahead. 3. I aspire to be like you:)

Catherine said...

I'm like you, KJ--When Target starts marking stuff in the toy section down (getting ready for Christmas stuff, I suppose), I stock up. We have tons of parties to go to and I've always had a $10 gift limit.

Now that Katie's getting older, I have found that her friends LOVE having a gift card. It's fun to go get a $10 Blockbuster card and then fill a bag with packs of microwave popcorn and some of those "movie" boxes of candy. We always include a card that says to enjoy having some friends over for a movie night. They LOVE that! Cheap and Easy--We always have the popcorn and candy in the drawers at our house so it's just fillers for a gift bag. Yay!

Melanie said...

Just found $5 bead making kits at Michael's in Cool Springs for 99cents...little girls love stuff like that! I bought 4 of them!

Lauren Tomlinson said...

Befiore Southern Living at Home became Willow house and before she passed away; I used to by SL products in her closeout sale for pennies on the dollar and stash them away. Platters, beautiful spreaders, vases, all for under $10. I suggest you find a Willow house consultant and become her very best friend and you can do the same. They do it like twice a year, I think.

jennifer renfrow compton said...

Great ideas KJ. I so need to use your ideas. Thanks!