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Friday, August 06, 2010


I have stopped half way through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and started on this book. I think I am going to save Dragon Tattoo for our anniversary trip. It is a little too deep for one chapter a night. Ha!
BUT...this book Star Island is hilarious and an easy read!! The main character is a hoot.
You all must check it out!


Jason and Lisa Clark said...

Posted about the giveaway on my blog today!! Also thanks for the book tip. I love an easy read for week nights. I tend to choose mysteries and thrillers and then I am done in a night or 2 because I could not put it down. Not to mention I am sleep deprived when that happens:)

Kim said...

I love Carl Hiaasen!

tammie said...

I have been wanting to read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but now I'm scared to start it b/c I have to be really drawn into a book to read it and the fact that you can put it down for a bit makes me reluctant to read it.

Stephanie said...

Love this book!

winstead family said...

you are like, the ultimate multi-tasker!