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Saturday, August 07, 2010


Let me start this post by saying, this might be WAY MORE than some of you want to know about me. If so, feel free to cancel out or scroll. HA! Sometimes I forget than I am a pharmaceutical representative and talk WAY too much about medicine and problems. I helped launch a drug last year for EGW, also known as genital warts. Lovely, I know.

Anyways, after much thought and consideration, I had Mirena implanted yesterday! Mirena is an IUD that works for up to 5 years. Yes, I know. No pill to take everyday! YAY! Obviously, this is a popular choice because at the pool yesterday, 5 mommies out of 6 are all on Mirena.
Here is some of the info from the PI:
- Mirena is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and is one of the most effective forms of birth control- Mirena works for as long as you want, for up to 5 years- Mirena can be removed by your healthcare provider at any time during the 5-year period, or when you want to try to become pregnant- Mirena has been used by over 15 million women worldwide and 2 million in the US.
My OB/GYN was the one who initially told me to think about it. She was not a fan of me having my tubes tied at 30, since I am considered "still young." She is much more of a fan of this or a vasectomy (Stephen=NO.) So after much talk and speaking to some physicians about it, I decided to go for it. It was $1,000.00 and my insurance paid all but $30.00, which was great!
My OB/GYN Dr. Oldfield (who is awesome BTW) actually installs it and I did hurt for a few hours yesterday but then the pain subsided. The wierdest part of all are the wires that attach to the Mirena. The feel like metal wires that they curl around your cervix. They are there in case the Mirena needs to be taken out. Very strange. After I got past that shocker, Dr. Oldfield was like, "You are good to go!"
And how about that? No waiting on nada. No pills, no babies. This was a no brainer.
Hopefully, I will still feel that way in a month!

Some of the cons (taken from the PI)
Spotting between periods is common, and some women may experience heavier periods, which can lead to anemia.
It's rare but possible that after it's inserted, you can develop an infection that, if left untreated, could affect your future fertility. PID can also develop.
An IUC can slip out of the uterus leaving you unprotected against pregnancy. This usually happens to women who have never had a baby.
Another rare possibility is that the IUC can become embedded or pushed through the wall of your uterus. (Yikes!) You may need surgery to remove it.
It doesn't protect against STIs.
SO if any of you have any Mirena stories you want to leave, I would LOVE to hear them. I need some reassurance. This nearly sounds too good to be true. HA!


Misty said...

Oh HONEY, I've had 2 Mirena IUDs and they're the absolute BEST! I've managed to rarely have periods, plus they don't make you gain weight like other forms of birth control. Oh, and if it hurt going in, rest assured it will not hurt coming out. Just sayin'.

Kim said...

I wanted this. I went in to get it and found out I was pregnant wih Henry!! Oops. . . I think it's a great choice if you're not sure about another. Chris had a vasectomy!

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I have never had one but heard wonderful things about them. I think u will be very happy with this choice. The cons are rare so I would not dwell on them:) so glad u did not get your tubes tied. 30 is sooooo young!! Plus you may need another little one. You have some super cute babies with the best personalities!!

tammie said...

I have a dear friend that had it done and she is very pleased with it!

Tedious Question-Asker said...

I've had Mirena since last October. It's the best! No periods, no spotting, and no worries about an unplanned pregnancy. I've had no complications, and I'm totally happy with my choice. :)

Emily said...

I've had Mirena since last October, and I'm totally happy with my choice. I've had absolutely no complications. :)

Stephanie said...

My friend got pregnant on mirena! But like everything...nothing is perfect. I am sure it will work great for you. She didn't find out till almost 4 months b/c she didn't get periods with Mirena anyways. Oops! :)

Shelli said...

My sister and a friend both got pregnant with their 3rd and 5th child, respectively, on Mirena. My sister's first one worked well for 5 years... the second one didn't. Good Luck!

Lydia said...

I want to get one but will probably still take pills. I wanted to get my tubes tied when I had surgery in Feb, but they won't do that at Baptist. My insurance won't cover Centennial, soooo it's not really an option. I'll need a hysterectomy eventually anyway. :-/

Chandra Porter said...

Thanks for this information on Mirena...I am seriously considering it after I have Maddox!

winstead family said...

i got queasy reading this post! i'm such a weenie when it comes to "procedures." hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

I have had mine for a little less than 2 years now. I had it put in a few months after Autumn was born. I love it! I haven't had a single period since I had it put in. I have some spot bleeding here and there but nothing big. I was terrible at taking the pill (that's why I have Autumn)so I love that I don't have to do anything with this. I am a big weenie too when it comes to having procedures done but this was painless for me. I was a little uncomfortable when it was first put in but there wasn't any pain. I have been 100% satisfied. Now if I could just talk my husband into letting me have it removed and get started with the baby making!! haha!

Sassy In The South said...

I have this and love it!

Nana said...

My sister used it and loved it! I unfortunately have to have the hormones that are in the pill otherwise I would totally consider it!

Sally said...

ahhh, i got Mirena at my 6 week post pardum check up after bennett!! ha ha! i was like...ok, i am ready. i cannot get preggers back to back....and i think i am done, but maybe shouldn't do anything permanent...
and i don't know if it's TMI to leave this on yo' blog comments, but...i have loved it!!! But have seriously spotted randomly ever since i had it put in...but it's never a lot. i am done nursing and i don't think i've even gotten a period yet on it...but i heard when you do, they are supppppper light and it's awesome.

i am jealous about your insurance coverage tho bc my insurance didn't cover it, but I bit the bullet and just paid the $800 for it. (that is how much it was for mine.) but ya know, i added up birth control every month for 5 years and it was a lot more $$ than that. me, it's been so worth it. :) good luck gurlfrenn!!! :)