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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


If you do not read One Fabulous Mom, you need to add this one to your blogroll! She is hysterical! I laugh until I cry. You can read her blog here. Her take on TRHONJ his perfect!!!



Erin said...

Yes! I would love to meet for lunch one day! BTW, this Friday the girls that own Polka Dot Door (not sure if you shop there, but you definitely need to if you don't!) are having a fall consignment sale in an empty store next to Lonestar - it starts at 10 a.m.! I'm definitely going!! :)

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

Love her posts:) I am laughing out loud while I should be working.

tammie said...

thanks KJ. I'm already addicted to yours and now another one? :)

tammie said...

So I finally got around to reading One Fabulous Mom's blog. I tried hard not to because I don't need another distraction on the internet but I LOVE her Cliff Notes on TRHWONJ!!!! I don't even need to watch it to enjoy it. She is just what you said...HILARIOUS!!!!