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Friday, August 20, 2010


I love Girls Night, but last night was bittersweet. My good friend Kelly Tillman is moving Wednesday. Wahhhhhhh :(

We ate dinner at Cantina Laredo in The Gulch. It was delicious. Don't you girls just LOVE Mexican?! I could eat guacamole at every single meal! ANd chips. and salsa. And margaritas. Okay, I am gonna stop now :) ANYWAY....

We gave Kelly an array of special gifts to help on her journey to DC. We also had a journal so everyone could write their addresses and some special words and verses. It was so incredibly sad :(

This is one with my BFF Amy. Love her like a sister!!

All my sweet girls!!! I hope you all have a great group of girlfriends. It is so fun to hang out and escape from family/kids/work/etc, etc, etc.....

Love you all and hope you have a great weekend!!



Jason and Lisa Clark said...

You look great!!

Kim said...

You all look great! I love Erin's necklace and AHH's hair.

tammie said...

that is one big girls nite out! mine is usually just 4 of us. looks like ya'll had a blast.

Jenny Griffin Dukes said...

Katie Jane, you're just as beautiful as when we worked together at the Fish House! You'll be 70 years old and still look exactly the same! Beautiful inside and out!!!!