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Monday, October 18, 2010


If you girls are fans of The Real Housewives, you need to tune in to the newest city, Beverly Hills. These girls are off.the.chain.

They are, by far, the most over-the-top girls I have ever seen.

The girls are Camille Grammar (Frasier's ex-wife), Kim and Kyle Richard's (Paris and Nicky Hilton's aunts), Adrienne Maloof (her family owns the Palms Casino in Vegas and an NBA Team), Taylor Armstrong (the saddest of them all), and Lisa Vanderpump (a funny Brit whose fortune comes from owning bars and her former young, hot, supposedly gay employee lives and travels with her....but she is married to another man. Figure that one out!)

My favorite line is when Camille Grammar says, "Now don't judge me, but I have 4 nannies. But they rotate. And I have two kids. But I am still a very hands-on mom." I mean, seriously? I won't even tell you about their house. 17 acres. In Beverly Hills. Wow. Kelsey Grammar makes a cameo in the first episode and then leaves. Later on Kelsey and Camille will file for divorce and he ends up dating a British flight attendant. SO drama is coming!

Later on, Camille tells the other housewives that she "chose a surrogate to carry her babies and that was a wonderful experience." Are you kidding me? You weren't pregnant! Of course it was a good experience! Hilarious!

The plastic surgery (one of them is married to a plastic surgeon) and insecurity is unreal. I mean, tune in. You will see within 5 seconds that they are all a rich, hot mess! The theme of this show is "Money makes you crazy!"




Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more about the show and Camille in particular. One word came to mind: VAIN. However, I am totally guilty of wanting to watch the train-wreck that is sure to come!


The Dimino's said...

I loved the first episode!! It might just be my favorite Real Housewives!! I also agree with you on camille and the 4 nannies and having a surrogate!! Ridiculous!!

Mica said...

This post had me dying laughing!!! I TOTALLY agree with you! I could not get over Camille's 4 nannies. Really?!?!

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I am loving this train wreck of a show!!