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Monday, October 04, 2010


One of my nurses (who I love! And her name is J. and y'all please pray for her...She has miscarried about a dozen times and then delivered a baby in her third trimester that was stillborn, and is currently pregnant thru IVF, possibly with 3....and I am praying sooooo hard that she makes it!!!) who LOVES to read and truly reads everything, told me that this is THE BEST BOOK EVER!!
It is about a lady who finds a baby in the trash can and keeps her, and the direction her life goes based on the decisions she makes. Can't wait!....I am starting on it tonight!

And I LOVE Francine Rivers! She wrote Redeeming Love (which is probably my-all-time-favorite book)
I have NO IDEA what this is about, but all her stuff is fantastic!
Happy Reading!!


Lesley said...

Ok...first, please keep us updated on this nurse. I pray HARD for people who go through this. I remind myself daily how lucky I am!!! Especially the times I complain!!! Second...I LOVE FRANCINE RIVERS!!! I read Redeeming Love and then went back and read Hosea!!! I just started on her trilogy...Mark of the Lion. It's like a thousand pages so it'll probably take me forever but I don't care!

tammie said...

I am so debating about getting a kindle. I'm torn! I don't seem to read as much as a I used to and I wonder if a kindle would change that?