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Saturday, October 02, 2010


Sweet Griffin was 6 months old yesterday! I just love this precious thing. He is my sweet angel.

He looks just like Stephen (DUH)...
he loves his milk
he loves his PEARS
he really really really loves being held and rocked and tickled

he loves ME the best (HA) and I am his favorite. And he LOVES his daddy and pappy and my mama can get him to giggle and laugh like no one else!

HE IS THE BIGGEST ROLLER, KICKER, AND PUNCHER I HAVE EVER SEEN. I am not gonna lie....I have never seen a child so active. He can scoot across the room in 2.5 seconds. Crawling is going to SCARE me. BIG TIME.

I could eat him on a spoon!!!
Happy 6 months Griffin Hays!


tammie said...

he is so precious and I absolutely LOVE the cute clothes you dress him in!

Catherine said...

Little Man sure is cute!! I know y'all are having such fun with him. And Paisley--Please! She is such a hoot! Of course, it's in her DNA! Love y'all!