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Monday, October 04, 2010


I am selling my beloved Bugaboo Stroller :(
I need a double for both kids, but gosh do I love this thing.
It has the car seat adaptor, so you actually get the pram, car seat holder, and the toddler seat.
The canopy can be pink or black.
If you bought all this new, it is well over $1000.00
I am asking $400....Quite a steal!
I will also ship, but I will have to get quote. I would LOVE for you to pick up :)
You can pay me through Paypal if interested.
Happy Monday!


Katie said...

My girlfriend is selling her Bumbleride Indie Twin. The color is spice, but it's a beautiful light blue with spice accent for $450 if you're interested. I'll send you pics and more details if you'd like.

Misty said...

Such a sad day! I emailed Bugaboo last year to ask if they had plans for a double, but no such luck. They said they usually debut new strollers in Europe a year before they make it to the U.S....and that has not happened yet:( We have a double BOB and I like it,but be warned it's big and heavy. Good luck! That is an awesome price and I'm trying to think if i know of anyone who is pregnant.

Lisa Clark said...

i will let a friend of mine know. That is a great price:)

Brandi Smith said...

I love my bugaboo. I cant ever see myself getting rid of it!

tammie said...

nice stroller! I don't think those were all the rage when the last one was born 6 years ago or I def would have gotten my sis in law one. I've always been the awesome aunt/financier of cool baby stuff.