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Friday, October 29, 2010


Paisley and Griffin had their class parties today. Paisley is already busy counting her loot.
Someone today said that you were to grab 2 handfuls of candy from your kid's bag and tell them you are taking out taxes. That way, they are prepared. Hilarious, but sadly true!

Is this not the cutest Superman you have ever seen? And daddy ain't bad, either! :)

I bought this costume off of E-bay for $2.00 back in July! Score!!!

Paisley's costume was NOT $2.00. HA! But it is sooo cute, and she can wear it to Disney and to place dress up in. She also has matching heels that light up.

These are pictures from her preschool. She loves school and teachers who I am so thankful for. Many of these children have been here since birth, so they are like brothers and sisters. It is fun to watch them grow from babies to toddlers...

And this precious gem of a teacher is Nagwya. She is from Egypt and moved her in 2006. My children LOVE her. I mean, L.O.V.E...I remember crying when I left Paisley and she held her all day long. She went to Egypt for 6 months last year to get married, and I made her pinky swear she would be back in time to keep Griffin. I love her like family. She is a sweetheart. Thank you Lord for the sweet people like Nagwya!

I hope you all had a great week. I didn't post pictures of my Guest Room because it needs work. It is BORR-ING.
Love you all and Be safe Trick Or Treating!

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