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Monday, October 18, 2010


This weekend was nice. We kept it low key and I kept my mind off of work for the most part. We are being told we should know something on Friday, and I am okay with whatever happens! Just staying busy with my sweet babies.

On Friday, we ordered Domino's, opened a bottle of Layercake Shiraz, and made cookies. And I was in bed by 10pm! It was fantastic. No reading, straightening, E-baying, blogging...just sleeping. Something I do very little of!

On Saturday, I woke up at 5am with my other boyfriend aka Griff and we had some "Mommy and Me" time. Griffin has more energy than any human being or animal I have ever seen. He is like a chihuahua on speed. Times 10. He wakes up early and seriously jumps 2 feet off the floor in his rainforest jumper. He is so cute....I could just eat him....

I also washed and folded about 7 loads of clothes. How do 4 people make such a mess? Every week, I ask myself this question. We also made our monthly Costco trip with both kids in tow and we survived! My husband loses all control in Costco. He truly thinks we need 12 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. I have to remind him that we aren't The Duggars.

Paisley and I baked cupcakes Saturday afternoon and they turned out very cute! She likes to help me bake and I let her do all the work. We made Funfetti cupcakes with the icing. So delicious.

We then watched Ole Miss play Alabama and thank goodness we did not get killed. I was afraid we might need a few black bears to come eat some of the Alabama defensive line. HA! And we also watched Ohio State lose their Number One ranking. Stephen was in tears.

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning, came home and made tacos and watched some football, and then went to a friend's birthday party at a great pumpkin patch in Smyrna, Tennessee called Walden Farms. It was the best one I have ver been to. I loved it and Paisley did, too. She even got to hold a pig. She is still talking about it!

How was your weekend?


Katie said...

Oh Mi Gah......I love love LOVE Paisley's apron and your house is so cute decorated up for Halloween! What does Paisley want to be this year?

Mica said...

Paisley's little apron is the cutest things ever!!! I need one.

Catherine said...

Look at how long Miss Priss's hair has gotten! She's such a supermodel!! =)

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I love those special times:) Paisley is so adorable in that apron!!