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Monday, October 11, 2010


Ohhhh, Monday. I love you so. NOT!

Some weekend re-cap:

-I worked a convention on Saturday and Sunday this weekend for my local doctors. 7 day workweeks are no fun.
-Our company is going through layoffs in 2-3 weeks. Please be in prayer for all of us. It is a stressful time right now. Lots could happen, territories could change. I also have some other things going on as well. Rodan and Fields being one of them. This company is AMAZING!!! I really can't say enough positive about it. Do you have to work hard? Yes. Do you get paid well and get to work from home? Yes. Do you work your own hours? Yes. You recruit 2 people a month. Not hard. You really have NOTHING to lose.Okay, I am getting off track but it is a super great place to be.
-I am stressed beyond belief right now. Kids, work, travel, and change has me crazy. Please keep me in your prayers.
-Stephen and I went on a date Friday and saw The Social Network. It was fantastic. I became very interested in Mark Zuckerberg and have quite possibly read everything on the Internet about him. I read that he is atheist and that makes me sad. Pray for him. But how about he founded Facebook and he is 26 years old? Unreal. I also read that he lives in a RENTED house (Dave would SO not be a fan...but then again, I guess you don't worry about Dave when your net worth is around 5-7 billion dollars) and drives a hatchback. He wears ratty t-shirts, jeans, and loves fast food and beer. Hilarious. The movie was great and I highly recommend it.
-I took my extensions out this week and also went darker (so not me and so not me). I am not loving it, but it is growing on me. Stephen lied and said he liked it. I am giving it a week. 50 bucks says I will be blonde by Friday.
-We took the kids to the zoo yesterday and had a nice time. Paisley is turning into Mariah Carey. And a very good salesman. She saw someone with an ice cream cone, and she could NOT get ice cream off her mind. Everywhere we looked, "They have ice cweam, Mommy. And Paisley needs some, too!" Ughh. I hate whining. And what about she refers to herself in third person? She looked at the monkeys and said, "I bet that mommy monkey feeds her little baby girwl monkey ice cweam. With bananas on top." I mean, seriously? Such drama. You mamas who have more than one girl, I am impressed. I am a fan of BOYS all the way from here on out. Grffin rode in his stroller and tried to eat his feet. He never even wimpered. Paisley is too much at times. So anyway, she finally gets her ice cream, and eats two bites. I wanted to deck her. I really did. I can't imagine how much fun prom dress shopping will be. And I did spank her 3 times yesterday. Just an FYI.
-I will be back soon. Not much going on here these days, just ready for my fall weather to be back. And I hope Ole Miss doesn't get killed this weekend. We play Alabama. And I have a feeling, it won't be pretty.


Jennifer Compton said...

I always laugh when I read your posts!! Btw, what is your October giveaway?

amy (metz) walker said...

Popped over from another blog and when I saw your "Dave" reference, I had to comment. My husband and I followed his advice and made some significant life changes three years ago! Thankful every day that I did!

Also, sorry to hear about the cutbacks...I SO wish everything would turn around so people wouldn't live with a lump in their throat about "tomorrow"!

Cute blog, btw. You and your husband are adorable!

Sally said...

dang ya"ll are busy!! hang in there!
So is this job you have from home in addition to your pharma sales job??

wish we were closer so we could steal away and have some wine and just veg!!!!!

hugs to you, will be checking back soon to hear your updates!