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Monday, October 04, 2010

What's in my PURSE?

I am so sure that Louie Vuitton did not intend for people to carry around a small convenience store in their purses. I was at Victoria's Secret, buying some lotion, not lingerie, hopefully y'all know better than that, because Lord knows those days are O-V-E-R. But anyway, I was listening to the sales girl try her hardest to pitch this girl on a VS Angels Card. Her sales pitch was, "It only takes 45 seconds to get approved!"..... 45 seconds? I can't get to the bottom of my purse in 45 seconds! Maybe this is why I can't....I seriously carry way too much. But I am prepared. I would be a great person to be stuck in an elevator with.
1. My Louis Vuitton Speedy is my everyday bag. I will have it until Paisley has children.
2. My Louis Vuitton wallet that I purchased with the $600 I won playing Black Jack in Puerto Rico (while the woman next to me nursed a baby, played a hand, and ate a grilled cheese sandwich all at the same time.)
3. A make-up bag with essentials:
pony tail holders
big sexy hair travel size
lipgloss (at least 3....Clinique Stellar Plum, Revlon's Nude and Cherries In The Glow)
Shu Umera Eyelash Curler
MAC Kabuki Brush
2 tubes of Loreal Voluminus Mascara (the best)
Sephora Compact
4. Coupon Folder (Dave would be so proud)
5. Pipe Cleaners for Paisley. This is the best toy EVER. I love these for restaurants.
6. Teething keys for Griff
6. A juice box and fruit snacks
7. Dried sour cherries and almonds. My fav snacks!
8. Water and/or Diet Coke
9. Altoids smalls and Orbit Spearmint
10. Foray medium point pens and a leopard journal
11. A Blackberry
12. A Droid (my back-up phone)
12. An Ipod Touch and headphones
13. My kindle (I am oficially an electronics NERD)
14. Wisps (throw away toothebrushes)
15. Hairbrush
16. Sunglasses! So important so you protect your eyes from wrinkles.
17. And the most importants, anti-bacterial spray and wipes. 2 kids are messy. The End.
Now, all I need is some jewelry and panties....and I could fly around the world! Hilarious!
What's in your bag?


ash said...

my goodness! Nothing like yours but I am childless so that's a big difference. And I LOVE your LOUIE and covet it! Sorry just telling you the truth lol!

Misty said...

From reading your blog, Iknow you don't have much of a potty mouth so I hope you don't get offended when I say HOLY SHIT!!! That is ridiculous and funny and jaw-dropping!!!

Sally said...

love this!!!! feel like i know you better now!!! ha ha!!!

i cannot believe that about your lil nursing neighbor in PR at the black jack table!!! seriously???!!!!!
gah!!! there are ALL KINDS of people out there huh??? way to go tho winning that cash!!! WOW!

hugs to you friend!

tammie said...

very close to yours except I don't have the kids to keep stuff for!
1. my Ralph Lauren wallet (thank goodness I don't have a fetish for designer purses, I have enough fetishes without it!)
2. my coupon holder
3. 3 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses
4. 1 mac lip liner
5. work blackberry
6. personal iphone
7. dental floss
8. gum
9. OPI strawberry daquiri polish just in case I don't see a color I like for an unplanned pedi
10. a couple of recipes that I five finger discounted from OLD magazines in doc offices
11. bobby pins, pony tail holders and one small alligator hair clippie
12. calendar/planner (Barnes and Noble, love them!!!!)
13. mineral makeup compact
14. travel manicure kit
15. Define a lash mascara (great for touch ups without gunking my other mascara up)
16. orange highlighter
guess that about sums it up!