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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Monday night, we had spooktacular bunko at my house. It was so much fun!
We had a bunch of witches, an orange crayon, Snooki, a skanky cat, and I was Lady Gaga. SO FUN!
Below is a picture of my spread....I love Halloween decor. Let's get real...I love all decor.

One of my favorite pieces are these BOO bowls I got from Cracker Barrel f0r $2.00.

Have you all played Bunko? So fun. It is a game of rolling dice. You roll for 3 of a kind. If you get all 3 of whatever round you are on (ie, you roll three 1s and you are on round 1) you get a BUNKO. Bunko's are hard to get, so you just roll until someone reaches 21. So fun. We play for money. 10 bucks apiece. Winner takes all but 20 bucks. Are you totally confused? You should be.

My glittered pumkins...

Skeleton bunko...

All my girls....we missed some of you!

My BFF Amy as a crayon...

Sweet girls Amy HH, Alexis, and Lacey...




Katie said...

How fun! Your spread was amazing! So many good treats and fun decorating ideas!

Sally said...

oh how fun!!! Snooki was my fave!!! :) and all the food/treats looked too yummy. you go gaga!!! (ha ha!)