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Monday, May 31, 2010


This week on Kelly's Korner...Things that make you happy!
And this bag makes me REALLLLLLY happy. This is the Louis Vuitton Alma.
I like to go by and look at it. And hold it. And try it on.
And daydream.
And then go eat a piece of Banana Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory. Ha!

My sweet angel Griffin! I could eat him up!! He smiled at me for the first time Saturday and he has the biggest dimples. I love it when babies start responding. Can you believe he is 2 months old today?!

The beach is such a happy, peaceful place for me. I LOVE the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves crashing, and the sunshine. We like to vacation in Jupiter Beach, Florida. Jupiter is right outside of West Palm. We stay at the Jupiter Beach Club. Great tennis courts, spa, beach, and lots of great places to eat and shop. There is also a great public beach close by with parks and walking trails.

I took this picture last year. Isn't it beautiful?

I love birthdays and birthday parties. This year was a little less than normal for Paisley since I have an 8 week old (I will post pics separately) but nonetheless, still a great party!! I think birthdays should ALWAYS be special. It is the only day of the year that is all about you! Below is a picture of Paisley's birthday from last year.
Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love going to shows, Christmas programs, spending time with friends and family, my nutcracker collection, Christmas trees, the smell of Christmas cookies, baking with Paisley and my mama, making a gingerbread house.....the list goes on and on!

Every year, we host a Christmas party at our house for all our closest friends! It is so fun and we always have a great time playing Dirty Santa! I love this night and look forward to it every year!!
New York City is defintely another place that makes me happy!! I love the business, the street people, the buildings, the excitement. Standing in Times Square and knowing that the world starts there is very exciting to me!! I LOVE the shows. I have seen Wicked which is by far the best, Phantom, Hairspray, The Producers, Annie, and In The Heights which I also LOVED!
The food in NYC is amazing also. And the shopping. I double heart the big apple!!

I love my mama and daddy so much! They have taught me so many wonderful things. Starting with a Godly marriage, a loving home, and both being hands on parents. I remember my daddy taking us to ball games, going on church trips, and the list goes on and on!!!

And they still hold hands and kiss. I love that.

This is our home in Nashville. We custom built in 2007. I feel very blessed to call Nashville home and to raise our children in this house. And I love the voices I hear when I walk inside!

My chihuahua Jose

Our weenie dog, Lola. She LOVES Paisley!

Gossip Girl. It combines love, fashion, New York City, and this hottie...

Chuck Bass (aka Ed Westwick).....LOVE him!!!!

Going to Orange Beach every 4th of July! We have such a great time there! I love it! We stay at Seachase. It is so much fun to take our entire family!!

Eating at LuLu's in Orange Beach. This is my niece Izzie!

The Grove at Ole Miss in Oxford. On a gameday. I get all giddy just looking at this picture!!!

The nutty mixed up salad at Jason's Deli

Shopping of any sorts!! Especially Bargain shopping.

Mississippi home cooking!

Shoes. The higher the better!!

Manis and Pedis

A clean and organized closet...

Britney Spears. I love her music. Makes me wanna dance.

Paisley and her sassitude. Enough said.
My sweet friends.

BUT These people make me the happiest!!!



Wednesday, May 26, 2010


GOOD NEWS!! I found my bracelets!!!

They were in the kitchen floor air conditioner vent!
Yes, you read that correctly. I didn't even care where they were. I was SO happy to find them. I am sure my little helper (aka Paisley) put them there. You gotta love having a 3 year old!!!

We are in full fledge birthday party mode. The big soiree is Saturday morning. I am so excited because all of my immediate family will be here...Yay!!

Tonight for supper we made homeade pizza. I found whole wheat crust at Publix, and we topped it with sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions, and peppers. SO FUN!!!
Here is Paisley helping out in the kitchen. She loves to help me cook!
I could eat her up. She is still my babydoll!!
This morning after I dropped Paisley off at school,
I went and spray tanned (my happy place), had lunch at Jason's Deli (the nutty mixed-up salad), went to Pangea (a great store in Nashville in Hillsboro Village), Posh, and then a quick trip to Macy's. I needed some MAC eye shadow and also eyed the new Rachey Roy collection . My BFF Kelly bought this dress a few weeks ago. Isn't it cute?
Chelsea Handler wore it on late night last week.
I bought this jacket dress. I think it is SO adorable.
It is lightweight and I can work in it this summer.

I also LOVE this dress. Isn't this flattering? Very Grecian.
Aside from shopping,
I am ready for my sweet husband to get home. I also feel like I have 100 things to do before I go back to work in two weeks. WAAAAA! I feel like Griffin. I want to cry like a baby and wear my cranky pants!!.
But I am glad to have a job!!
I hope you all had a marvelous Wednesday!!!

LOST...and not the show!

I have lost 3, yes 3!! Of my David Yurman bracelets and I am SO upset. I have no idea where they are. Except I am pretty sure they are in this house somewhere. I had them on Friday night and have turned my house upside down looking for them. Please pray (seriously) that these will turn up. I am so upset. These were all gifts from Stephen. I don't EVER loose things, so I am so sad :( I still am wondering if Paisley knows where they are.



I am going to miss this hottie!! The show will never be the same!!
I am pulling for Lee!!


Did y'all watch tonight's Glee episode? It was awesome!! I am loving some Glee.
And Lady Gaga!! She is crazy, but such an entertainer!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I prayed for the next two weeks to go by slow, since my plans are to go back to work and all (I sound reallll excited about going back, don't I? HAHA) but seriously today has been crazy slow!! My husband is out of town all week, I am trying to get ready for Paisley's birthday party that is Saturday, and my sweet little Griffin screams bloody murder everytime he is laid down. He is making it hard to get anything done. He hates the swing. The bed. The babybed. The Bouncy. ALL OF IT!! Stephen calls his swing "The Neglector" which I think is hilarious. And true! Anyway, Monday we took Paisley to school and stopped by Babies R US and bought a nice play gym for cranky pants. He really likes it, thank goodness!! How cute is he? And his outfit? Check out his red high tops!! Who knew dressing a boy could actually be fun?!

His weight is up...close to 12 pounds!!! I love his little chicken legs so much!! Here he is kicking to his Baby Neptune DVD.
On Saturday, we took Paisley to her first gymnastics class. She was so excited. She has talked about it all week!! She is on the far right in the black leotard.

Here she is right before class. She was dancing around the living room. It was so cute!

Practicing her moves....ha!!

I LOVE her stocky little legs!

After gymnastics, we went to the Factory in Franklin and visited the Farmer's Market and ate lunch. It was so hot!!! But we had a great lunch and had a nice time. We came home and all took naps and after we woke up, I got dressed and went to a wedding of our friends, Mo and Phillip. It was beautiful!! Stephen stayed home and baby sat the children. He did a great job!! I was so proud. On Friday night (yes I am going backwards...sorry) we met all our friends at Sambuca and celebrated Stephen and Heather's birthdays upstairs in the lounge.

Heather and Amy HH.

I went to Maggie Moos and picked up a cake on Friday afternoon and the waitress left it on the counter in the kitchen at Sambuca. The manager treated us to every dessert on the menu. It was awesome!!!
Rhaygen, Brooke, and Me
Heather, Stephen, and Brittney.

I kept Paisley at home on Friday and let her run errands with me (Griffin spent Wednesday and Thursday nights with his Grammy and Pappy) and Paisley had loads of fun. She went to the salon with me and was actually really good while I had my hair highlighted and blown out. Jonas let her try on wigs and she thought that was the greatest thing EVER!! Afterwards, we went to Joann's to pick up some fabric for her birthday table and also went to Maggie Moos.

She is VERY into dancing and making up choreography.

How cute is her Juicy Couture outfit? I love it. I want one in my size! LOL!

Well, that was our week and weekend in a nutshell!
I hope you had a magnificent one, also.
I am looking forward to a week of good tv and my family is coming on Thursday. YAY!!!