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Monday, June 28, 2010


After Toy Story 3 this weekend, I took Paisley for a little trip to Toys R Us!!! Here are some of the things we are eyeing:

Okay, I was eyeing this one. The limited edition Christian Louboutin, yes.
The Barbie Glam Jet. Because Barbie is a jet setter...
Uh, this Barbie is ridiculous and fabulous all at the same time!!! LOVES. IT!

And now, a few happies for Griffin...

What is on your toy list?!


The Parker's said...

I love the Christian Louboutin Barbie....I collect Barbie so I am thinking this will have to be added to the collection!! LOVE IT!!

Lisa Clark said...

I love the Barbies! Can't wait until my princess is Paisley's age:) I just hate to see her grow up!!

Christie said...

OK -- Blaine (8) loves Bakugan, Power Rangers and Legos!

Chase (6) ANYTHING Toy Story!!!!

Shanna (11) and Haylee (9) are "like to cool for Barbies and Babydolls" OMG! they are growing up -- but I guess once you get "boobies" you dont really want to "play" tooo much!

winstead family said...

i love that little truck. i need it for blaise. i'm trying to locate his 1st bday present now! it's a thing that they can climb all around on the floor...they have them at some daycares!