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Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts...

A classic conversation with Paisley yesterday:
"Mommy, Do you have another baby in your belly?
ME: "Um, no. That is fat."
Paisley: "Ok, Mommy. When you do have a baby in your belly, can it be a girl baby?
I don't want one with a wenis."
Hope you all had a great Friday...this working full time and mommy stuff is HARD. Harder than I thought it would be. I am having to let some things being so OCD about my house, spending 45 minutes on my make-up in the morning, and TV? What is that?! HA!
A couple of highlights of the week:
1. I am literally like Will Ferrell in that movie Kicking and Screaming....I cannot get enough coffee. Panera Bread's Hazlenut is awesome!
2. Remember how I told y'all that I love those M&M McFlurries from McDomalds? Well, the snack size has 430 calories. So no more of those!
3. I drove over 400 miles between Tuesday and Wednesday. Craziness.
4. I won a darling purse on E-bay for $17.00...gotta love that!
5. Seeing my offices that I have missed so much for the last 3 months has been great!! I really do love my job, it is just tiring with two kids. But I am glad I am employed.
6. Can't wait for Toy Story 3. The Barbie and Ken look so cute!
I am exhausted and have loads of laundry to do.
Happy Weekend!!


Katie said...

OMG, I luuuurve your convo with Paisley! Classic!

Lisa Clark said...

I love to read all the things Paisley says!!I know you are so in love because so are all of us:)