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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I so LOOOOOVE birthdays!

Even more so when it is MY BIRTHDAY!!! woooooo hooooo!

I will be the big 3-0 this year (in July, I know I am excited EARLY) and I am embracing it!!!

So birthday fairy, here is my list:

A cookie cake that tastes delicious and is FAT FREE and SUGAR FREE and NO CALORIES!

This Canon 5D camera. Oh, how I want this camera. Unreal!

The Verizon Droid phone. I literally HATE AT&T. We are contracted through work and I despise them!! I am ready to get back to Verizon.

I am possibly taking a trip at the end of the summer with all my girlfriends for my birthday!!! We are in the process of booking now!! We are looking at some resorts in Mexico! So fun!

Dinner at Virago with my handsome husband..this place has the best sushi in Nashville.

Also a great place to people watch!

They have this roll called "The Bomb." And it SO is the bomb!!
It is the bomb diggity!!

The First Season of The City on DVD...I LOVE this show!!

Some mixing bowls from Williams-Sonoma. These things are awesome. I also love Red. My entire kitchen is accented in it. Actually, my whole house red.

Some Chloe perfume. This stuff smells amazing!!

An Ipad. I will probably get this from my husband, just because he wants one.

The entire Rachel Roy collection from Macy's...

And this gold runway watch from Michael Kors...

I can't believe I am about to be 30. Actually, I can. My body looks like it is 60. HA! Can I please have my body back from when I was 17?! That and to clean up this oil spill would be the two greatest gifts of all!!

Love you all,


meurrier said... crack me up!! At least your list is reasonable! HA!! I've been thining about you this week going back to work. I hope the transition is going well!

tammie said...

your body does not look 60. MY body looks 60 and I haven't bore a child to have as an excuse! I hate AT&T as well. they are the devil but I love my iPhone so I'm stuck with them. My work BB is Verizon and I like the service but hate the BB. If you find that cookie cake you described.....let me know where!