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Friday, June 11, 2010


This week on Show Us Your Life is all about China Patterns!

Growing up in Mississippi, your china pattern was assigned to you in cradle roll! HA!

My mama and daddy NEVER gave us money and clothes for Christmas...instead we were gifted with china and crystal! SO when I married Stephen, I didn't even register everyday china, silver, or flatware!! I complained about it in high school, but once I became engaged, I was so grateful!!!

My everyday china is Wedgewood Nantucket Basket. I love it and it looks good with accent plates and with color.
This is my Fine China. I love it, also. I love all the accent pieces.
It is made by Lenox and called Federal Platinum.

I love my crystal pattern the most of all!! This pattern is called Clarendon by Waterford. My parents usually give us a piece of this for Christmas each year. Unfortunately, it has been retired, so I am trying hard to collect it before it's too late!!

I also have lots of accent pieces in my kitchen and dining room that are Arthur Court Designs.
I love all the roosters, the bunnies, monkeys, and the sea creatures.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Beth McC. said...

I am loving that Monogrammed china!!! Good choice!!

Amy said...

Just peakin over from Kelly's Korner and had to tell you something! I work as a consultant selling fine china and crystal at a store in NC and one of the crystal companies we sell is Waterford. One of the awesome things about Waterford is they never discontinue any of their patterns, they only retire them. You can still purchase retired patterns, it just takes longer for them to send it to you. So don't stress about needing to collect it all quickly, you have plenty of time, that is as long as you don't need it for a dinner party next week!! Your china is beautiful but not nearly as beautiful as your sweet little babies on your blog! What a lucky Mama!

Colleen said...

LURVE your crystal!!! What a sweet tradition your parents started =)

Kim said...

Love the monogrammed china!

Lauren Tomlinson said... is a great website for finding retired and discontinued item. Also ,y husband's godfather gave him a Waterford Lismore piece for all gift giving occasions. So we didn't have to register for any crystal. I inherited my silver from my grandmother (circa 1940's)