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Sunday, June 13, 2010


What a fun and busy weekend!! We started off with a date on Friday night! We always have big plans of going to dinner and a movie....yeah, right. I would be asleep in that movie in 2 seconds. I think I am asleep these days before my head hits the pillow. Seriously. Instead, we went to eat at a restaurant called Criallos. This is there website. It is definitely a hidden gem in Brentwood. We had raw oysters, halibut, and the orange roughy. I love date nights because I don't have Paisley and Griffin taking all my attention. I like having one on one time with my husband and I always make him open my door!! HA!

Saturday, we went swimming with friends and to the grocery. That afternoon, Stephen met some friends to watch the World Cup, Griffin went to visit Aunt Amy, and me and Pais went to a church cookout for our Sunday School class, hosted by our precious teachers, Mike and Brenda Harris. They have a beautiful home in Springfield and we had a lovely time.
Meredith, Vicky, and Denise. We have all been in the same class for nearly 5 years. It is so fun to watch our children grow up together. I love these girls!!
Paisley and her dog purse....She has Skittles in there....
Lance being shy.....he is a riot!!! Paisley's future husband!!
Eating in the 100 degree heat...Nashville has been a sauna!!
Paisley sweating and gladiator sandals....only my child!!
eating cupcakes from Publix....Paisley LOVES sweets!

Then on Sunday, we went to church and then had the pleasure of going to Chuck E Cheese's aka YuckE Cheese's....Paisley loves this place and since she had no peepee accidents all week, we had to make good on our promise. She also got a new Polly Pocket doll. She is REALLY into Polly Pocket right now.

She picked Blue Cotton Candy for her ticket cash in...
Here she is with daddy...
Playing games...
She was a little excited!!! HA!
Sweet Griffin in his Chuck Bass ensemble before church....
With Pappy...

I hope you all had a great weekend!! Happy Monday!!!

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Kim said...

That picture of P in that car makes me laugh out loud each time I see it! My kids LOVE CEC. I'm not a huge fan, although it does keep them entertained and make them tired.