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Saturday, June 26, 2010


My week has been nothing short of insane! I have definitely earned my pay this week!
I will share what all I have done:

Monday: Drove to Memphis and saw 13 doctors before 6pm. Checked into the hotel, had dinner with a co-worker who is the Arkansas rep. Her name is Jackie and
she is precious. Went to the gym and worked out, and then did paperwork until midnight.

Tuesday: Worked out at 6am, saw 16 doctors, went by Williams Sonoma Outlet, picked up cookie cake for a Dr.'s Birthday on Wednesday, and then drove home. The kids were waiting on me (courtesy of Grammy and Pappy.)

Wednesday: Took kids to school, dropped off birthday cake in Belle Meade, drove to Murfreesboro, had lunch with Kim Simpson (this is her blog.) She is the cutest, sweetest thing. She has three boys and she always makes me feel normal! She truly is an inspiration to me!! I hope you girls (and guys) have friends like this. Love you Kim :) Wednesday night, I went to see Sex and The City 2 with one of my BFF's Kelly.It was great!!

Thursday: Headed to Paducah, Kentucky. 2.5 hours each way in one day makes for a LOOOONG Day!!

Friday: I tried to catch up from the rest of the week!! Ha!! I did buy a second phone for personal use and decided to get a Droid. It. Is. AWESOME!!!! I love it. I am so so so glad to have Verizon service back. I have missed you my beloved Verizon. ATT is terrible in Tennessee and Kentucky.

This weekend's agenda is a birthday party, heading to see Toy Story 3, and playing with my babies. Worked on laundry and grocery shopping last night. Today and Tomorrow are for fun!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Kim said...

You are too sweet! I love our lunches too and only wish we did it more often! Xoxo

Lisa Clark said...

WOW! You are such busy! How do you do it? I thought I was busy and I don't do a 1/4th of that a week.